Need help with a blocked drain?

At Q Plumb and Gas we are able to offer you a fast same day response to clear all blocked drains throughout the greater Brisbane and Ipswich area’s. Q Plumb and Gas are experts in all sewer & stormwater drains. To get your blocked drain cleared asap call us on 0412 629 984.


There are many causes for a blocked drain, the two main ones are:

Blockage from items flushed down the toilet

This is one of the most common causes of a blocked drain and depending on the severity of the blockage can be quickly fixed with plunger, or specialised equipment including an electric eel or jetrodder (high pressure water plumbing machine) . This type of blockage once cleared can be avoided in the future by adjusting the way you flush items down the toilet. Continual blockages may point to the problem being tree roots or another issue with the pipe which is causing the blocked drain.

Tree roots in pipe

A blocked drain caused by tree roots in the pipe is also quite common. An electric eel or jetrodder (high pressure water plumbing machine) can be used in most cases to cut the tree branched from within the pipe , however in some cases the section of pipe with the tree roots may need to be dug up and replaced.


We have advanced equipment to clear your blocked drain including our new QPlumb-jetterJet Rodder drain clearer. Able to unblock some of the toughest drains to clear, this machine uses a high pressure jet blaster that clears debris from the pipe. There are a range of nozzles and accessories that our plumbers can use to effectively and efficiently fix your blocked drain. Jet Rodder Services are in increasing demand and are liked by plumbers due to the reliability of the machines and their ability to minimise chances of recurrence. Below is an image of the jetrodder we use to clear blocked drains.


Unsure of what is causing your blocked drain? Call us today and we can help you discover and fix the problem.Blocked Drains Brisbane