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A blocked drain is a major inconvenience and getting it repaired asap is important. Call us and we will book your blocked drain as a high priority.

Our plumbers are very experienced in clearing blocked drains. We use the latest technology to effectively clear drains, including our high pressure jet rodder (also known as a hydro jetter). Book our special offer of free CCTV camera service with every jet rodder service booking.  The CCTV camera can help you get to the cause of the blocked drain and remedy the issue.

Want your drain cleared today? We offer a same day response to clear all blocked drains in greater Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich areas. Get your blocked drain cleared asap call our blocked drain Ipswich experts on 07 3200 0188.

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The best equipment to clear your blocked drain

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Jet Rodder

Get your drains cleared with our high-powered Jet Rodder drain clearer that can unblock some of the toughest drains. Your drains will be cleared using a high-pressure jet blast to clear debris from the pipe. Don’t risk using another type of machine when the jet-rodder is one of the best drain clearing machines available. We use a range of nozzles and accessories to suit the application and efficiently fix your blocked drain. If you are in Ipswich or South Brisbane give us a call and book in your Jet Rodder service.

For a limited time only – book your jet rodder service and get a free cctv camera inspection.



CCTV Camera

Book a CCTV camera inspection to get to the root of your plumbing problem. Blocked Drains can be caused by a number of different issues and it can be hard to know exactly what the cause is. With a CCTV inspections our plumbers will see what the cause of the blockage is and give a better estimate of the amount of work required to fix it. It can also give you the confidence to see that the drain has been cleared. 


What causes blocked drains in Ipswich?

Blockage from items flushed down the toilet

Find out if items flushed down the drain could be causing your blocked drain. Household items flushed down the drain are common and could be the cause of your blocked drain. If you have a blockage in one area only, for example one toilet or one sink it is likely that it is caused by something flushed down the drain and can sometimes be cleared using hand tools. If it is unable to be cleared with had tools we will clear the drain with our high powered jet rodder.

Avoid this type of blockage reoccurring by adjusting the way you flush items down the toilet. See our article on the most common household items that block drains.  If you keep having blockages this may point to the problem being tree roots or another issue with the integrity of the pipe which is causing the blockage. If problems persist, book a CCTV inspection so that underlying issue can be repaired.



Tree roots in a pipe or drain

Tree roots are a common cause of blocked drains. The tree roots penetrate the exterior of underground pipe and grow into the pipe itself. Initially the roots cause blockages by sewerage or debris getting stuck on the roots as they travel down the pipe. As the root invasion continues over time it can completely fill and block large sections of pipe. To repair drains blocked with tree roots the best method is using the jet rodder (also known as the hydrojetter) as it blasts and clears the perimeter of the pipe of all roots and doesn’t just put a whole through tree roots as the electric eel does. Sometimes a section of pipework will need to be dug up and replaced due to the amount of damage to the pipe to prevent ongoing issues.




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